H20…More like…H2NO!


Which is interesting because that means I essentially hate 60% of my body composition, but I do.

It’s such a struggle for me to drink water…I love soda too much.

I have been addicted to caffeine for a while, and I am currently going through my longest lasting caffeine detox ever! #Proud

I decided to cold Turkey it because I’m tired of being dependent on caffeinated products to get through my day. Before, if I went 12 hours without a significant amount of caffeine in my system, I would get a severe migraine, nausea, and start throwing up. Yes, I know that’s horrible. The longest I had lasted without caffeine before this was 3 days before I gave in because of all the pain.

Which is why I am here venting about how much I hate water. I just can’t get my mind to like it. I’m on day 7…which is impressive for me! I am still feeling a lot of withdrawls and I still have very strong cravings. It literally is a battle trying to detox my body, but I finally decided that I needed to have self- control.

All this caffeinated soda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner has only affected me negatively…I have even gained so much weight! I can’t believe how much I’ve gained. I have slowly let myself go from a petite 105/110 lbs…to a whopping 150 lbs. which is considered overweight for someone who is 5’2″. 😭

I decided that I’m tired of feeling tired and fat. So this is me on the beginning of a health journey.

In just 1 week, from simply giving up coke, I have lost 5 lbs. I guess that’s a pretty good start.

Anyone have any pointers?