Delight yourself in the Lord…Does it really mean what you think it does?

Ahh yes ….Bikini Bottom… I mean, Psalms 37:4… the infamous Bible verse that has many Christians believing that God is a genie in a bottle just waiting around to grant their every wish.

Psalms 37:4 states-

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Sadly enough, many people have adopted this distorted view that God gave them the secret formula to getting whatever they want. I know because at first glance, it may appear that way. We begin to demand our new cars, houses, and jobs from God, but was obtaining these worldly possessions really the ultimate goal of this verse?

I had a discussion with my fiance about this verse recently and this is the conclusion we came to:

When we originally ask God to come and transform our lives, to have His way in our lives, don’t you think the transformation also includes our desires? If we really have been transformed by the love and grace of God, then we no longer have our own desires…we have His desires. Our hearts long for what God longs for because He resides in us. So when we are delighting ourselves in Him, He is giving us the desires of our heart because they align with His will. It is the perfect completion of His will.

So what does this mean? Well, a good first step would be to figure out what God’s desires are. What are the desires of God’s heart?

According to His word, He longs for us to praise and worship Him…to reach the lost souls… to love thy neighbor…to forgive…and many other things. Just read His word and you will know His heart!

So delight yourself in Him so that His will may be done.

Maybe I’m over thinking it… does anyone have any thoughts or other interpretations of this bible verse?