God is a Gentleman

I’ve always seen God as a gentleman. He will never force himself on you. He is patient. Kind. Perfect.

He is the epitome of love. Because love is not forced. I’ve always thought about that. How would I feel if I were being forced to “love” someone? Or how would I feel if someone were being forced to love me?

Imagine it. Someone goes up to the person you like or love and says, “Hey, you need to love this person or else you’re going to die!” And they freak out agree in fear for their lives. That is no way to begin a relationship. Unfortunately, that’s why many have decided to follow God. It’s not because they love God, it’s because they fear going to hell. I know…that’s a pretty deep thought.

I just pray that one day people might decide to follow and fall in love with God for the gentleman that He is and not because they fear eternal condemnation. He’s not hard to fall in love with though.. if you get to know Him. He will patiently wait for whenever you are ready for Him.